Monday, October 22, 2007

My Little Helper

It was such a great weekend, this past weekend. Beautiful! In our backyard we have a huge pecan tree that sits right in the middle of our yard. We have some small plants around the base of the tree with river rock edging the bed. Quite nice. I plant my tulip bulbs in this area in the Fall. I might have to find another planting space since my little helper likes to get in the flower bed and dig everything up!!!! Devil Dog you drive me crazy, but we love you anyway!

Today it felt like winter. The temperature was below 60 and that is freezing here in Texas. I wasn't prepared for this cold snap. Slowly it will warm back up.

An update on my great aunt. She passed away Sunday. The funereal will be Wednesday. Please pray that I make it through the service.

Hope your week is off to a warm start!


lisagh said...

My most sincere condolences.

Carrie said...

Dear Cynthia,
So sorry to hear of your loss of your dear aunt. Yes I will be praying that God will grace you with comfort at the funeral.